10 Ways a Long Drive Is Like Working on Your Marriage

10 Ways a Long Drive Is Like Working on Your Marriage

Yesterday I made a six-hour drive to the city where my daughter attends school. This afternoon, we will load her up in the car so I can take her home for the summer.

I live in one corner of Wisconsin, and in order to get to the state where my daughter is, I have to drive across my entire state.

Six hours gives a woman a lot of time to think. As often happens, my thoughts turned to marriage, and I realized that making a long drive on the interstate isn’t a whole lot different from working on improving your marriage.

  1. Sometimes other people seem to be further ahead than you are, and sometimes you’re the one who is moving faster than those around you.
  2. Sometimes you seem stuck due to road construction season.
  3. Some stretches are really, really boring—and then something interesting and unusual will pop up. aduult
  4. Sometimes it seems like you’re caught in two seasons at once—like a dormant winter happening alongside a hope-filled spring.seasons2
  1. Sometimes you can’t help but be on automatic pilot, and sometimes the driving requires extra attention and effort.
  2. There are some spots where you have no choice but to plow through because there’s no place to pull off on the shoulder for a break.stopping
  3. Sometimes you’ll miss the big picture because of all the trees.
  4. There will be both clouds and sunshine.clouds
  5. Sometimes it seems endless.vista
  6. The ride is so much more enjoyable when you aren’t alone.




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  1. It is exhausting and costly. It takes a toll (excuse the pun). It makes you hurt. You wish you could avoid it. You are relieved when it’s over.

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