A Better Marriage in 2014


With a new year around the corner, a lot of us are thinking about changes we can make in our lives. Many of us think about building healthier habits in our bodies. Are you also thinking about building healthier habits in your marriage?

No matter where you are in your marriage, there is room for growth. My marriage is stronger than it’s ever been. I have several marriage goals for 2014:

  • Spend more time supporting Big Guy’s relationship with God. I think he’s doing okay there, but since I want that relationship to be the best it can be, I will be looking for ways to encourage him by providing time and prayer for his journey of faith.
  • This year we have tried eight (yes, eight!) new things in our marriage bed. Some have been “meh,” but others have become more frequent. Rather than adding new things (although I’m not opposed to it), I want to work on becoming more comfortable and confident in the things we’ve already done. I want to get good at these things to enhance Big Guy’s pleasure and mine.

I spent so many years of putting my marriage and husband at the bottom of my priority list (behind kids, work, house, and church). The effort I began in 2010 to just make a few changes in sex here and there for the purpose of changing my husband has ended up transforming my marriage and me in ways I never expected.

Many women are just beginning to think that maybe they could do some things differently in their marriages—specifically in their marriage beds. Or maybe they’ve been trying already but aren’t sure how to proceed. If you are trying to reboot your marriage bed and would like some help thinking through your first or next steps, I invite you to read some of my early posts. These posts chronicle my first steps in figuring out what to change and how to be brave enough to take those steps.

I hope they encourage you. Maybe you’ll be able to rejoice and say, “Hey, I’m already way past that. Yay for me!” Or maybe you’ll think, “Oh, yes, that should be what I try first.”

I’d like to suggest you read the following posts, in this order:

  1. New to this blog? Start here.
  2. Just One Step
  3. Simple, Not Easy
  4. One Night at a Time
  5. Today, pray.
  6. Today, do it.

These posts will walk you through my very first steps. If you are just beginning a journey toward a sexually joyful marriage, you may want to stick to the posts in the Getting Started category for a while.

No matter where you are in your own marriage journey, plan your next steps to a healthier and happier marriage in 2014.

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