Looking Back, Looking Ahead: 2016 in Review

In the difficult times in my life, my greatest accomplishment has seemed to be this: I survived. In fact, I sometimes think that would be a great epitaph for my gravestone, event though the gravestone would obviously contradict the words.

As I reflect on 2016 in terms of blogging, I would have to say the same thing: I survived. The blog is still here.

2016 has been a difficult year for my family. Not even two weeks into the year, we experienced a crisis situation that was followed by months of medical visits, legal appointments, and seeking support for all involved. It took most of the year for things to settle down into a new normal. At the moment, things are good—but it is a good that is still somewhat fragile.

In the midst of dealing with all of this, we had two kids graduate from college this year and a parent (my mother-in-law) hospitalized for most of the past two months.

To say this has been a stressful year is an understatement. At the same time, though, I’ve done some things to take care of myself—most important, clinging to God and to my marriage. I’m not sure the marriage we had ten years ago could have survived this year—but the one we have now is stronger than ever. I am so thankful that Big Guy and I can be a place of refuge and rest for each other. We celebrated our 25th anniversary this year.

I allowed myself to cut back on some things in order to give me time and mental energy to tend to my family. This has meant that I’ve slowed down my blog posting and I wasn’t able to follow through with a book study I began here right before our crisis.

However, the blog has not only survived 2016, it has grown in some ways.

Here are the most popular posts from this year:

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  6. Does the Way You Avoid Sex Add to the Emotional Disconnection?
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  9. An Unconventional Request: When What He Wants Is Weird
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Although it wasn’t in the top 10 list, the post I think is most important is Sexual Intimacy and Depression.

A new feature this year is a Loveliness of Links on the first Sunday of each month, highlighting encouraging marriage posts by other women for you to visit.

Despite the slower blogging pace this year, I’ve forged ahead on a couple ministry-related projects. One is an exciting new adventure that will be announced soon. It involves me getting to work with some amazing women in a whole new way.

I’m so excited about what 2017 holds. Thanks for being here this year. I hope you stick around.

May God shower your marriage with blessings during the coming year. and beyond.

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5 Comments on “Looking Back, Looking Ahead: 2016 in Review”

  1. “I survived.” I get that feeling. I recently told someone that instead of the “Oh, look at all the awards and beautiful pics of my kids” stuff I see others post on Facebook, some days I want to take a picture of my teenager holding the day’s newspaper and simply post, “Proof of Life.” Because that’s how parenting goes some days. 😉

    But you have definitely had a real and important impact with this blog, and I look forward to what we’re up to in 2017! (By the way, your excellent depression post was one that I specifically remember.)

  2. Chris, I know that your blog is intended for women, but you have been such an is pirating to me, and your words do a lot to help men understand that marvelous, mysterious being that we married. I am grateful for so much in the past year, and ForgivenWife was a catalyst for much of the change in me, and by extension, my wife and our marriage. Curiously enough, I have been able to spread some wisdom I gained here, as an impromptu mentor, as I have seen other men struggle to understand their wives.

    It may be that 2017 is the year that I introduce my wife to ForgivenWife.

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