A Good Marriage Is Like This Red Umbrella

A good Christian marriage is like this red umbrella.
Photo by Kate Aldrich Photography

I loved this picture the first time I saw it because the red umbrella in this picture makes me think of a good Christian marriage.


An umbrella provides protection from the elements. In the rain, it keeps you dry. In the glaring sun, it provides shade.

A good marriage gives protection. When life is raining stress and challenge, it shelters us from much of the difficulty. In the face of so much glaring sin and temptation in the world, it provides us a place to turn for comfort and courage.


The umbrella in this picture provides privacy and intimacy. We know the couple is there and can see their legs, but the umbrella affords them privacy. Only they see each other. No one else does.

A good marriage provides privacy and intimacy. Behind the umbrella of a good marriage, a couple will fully see each other—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They experience intimacy. The rest of us can tell that there is intimacy in the marriage, but we don’t see the specifics. Only the couple does.


The picture shows the sun shine through the umbrella. We see that the sun is behind the couple, and the sun makes the umbrella glow. I can’t see this picture without thinking about sunshine.

The Son shines through a good Christian marriage, showing Jesus to others. We see the Son behind the couple, making the marriage glow with grace, trust, and love.


Red is the color of passion. Need I say more?


A good Christian marriage gives protection, provides privacy and intimacy, shows the Son, and has passion.

Is your marriage like this red umbrella?

2016blogchallengeThis post is part of a Christian Marriage Bloggers Association blog challenge. The challenge asks us to write a post about the picture above. (Many thanks to Kate Aldrich Photography for this picture. Kate and her husband Brad blog at One Flesh Marriage.)

Image Credit: Kate Aldrich Photography


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