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Oral sex resources

Oral sex certainly is not the only way to sexually bless your husband, but if it’s something your husband has requested and you want to expand your sexual repertoire, it’s a good thing to get comfortable with. Whether you are trying to get to a point where you’re able to hold his manhood in your mouth for a few minutes, enjoy swallowing, or become a deep throat expert–if you are doing it to provide greater pleasure for your husband, it is good.

I’ve had quite a few emails and comments asking for links to more resources about oral sex and how to do it. These are some of my favorites, all written by women for women. (If you have others that should be included, let me know.)

Hot, Holy, & Humorous

Intimacy in Marriage

My husband has pointed out that I’ve now written enough posts about oral sex that I have an Oral Sex series.  Three years ago, neither of us thought I’d be writing about oral sex, much less doing so much, um, personal research into the subject. Here are the other posts:

You will be blessed in the blessing.

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